Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Me, by Keith, in Texas Wildflowers

This was shortly after the fire ant bites--OUCH!!! Those are Evening Primroses. There were lots of those and Bluebonnets.


moo said...

Looks glorious - you and the evening primroses that is. Don't like the sound of those fire ants.

Wish we had been so lucky with the weather. Boston was wet apart from race day. Wisconsin was more like England normally is in April, cold and wet. No green on the trees. Everything brown. But we still found beauty at the top of Jeff's hill and I will post a picture I am using as a thank you card. When we landed back in England it certainly looked like England's green and pleasant land.

merrytait said...

The fire ants were quite wretched--or perhaps, I should say, they made me wretched!!!

Do post more from your trip when you have time.

It was VERY HOT there, but the flowers were wonderful, and leaves on all the trees.