Saturday, 5 February 2011

Christmas 2010

Barbara I saw that doorway and immediately thought of you so took the shot. Hope it comes up to your standard. The rest are Sitges. The one of Mia on the beach in her winter coat was taken on Christmas Day while walking back from the restaurant. The two guys in the passageway are in Barcelona. I am entering that one in mono in our next club mono competition. The guy on the telephone was actually not showing so much as that. I moved his body out a bit and stuck somebody else's head on him. To me it still does not look real but am hoping the judge will not notice.


merrytait said...

These are wonderful. My favorite is the narrow street second from the top.

There is something funny about the guy on the phone. but I would probably not have noticed had you not mentioned it.

merrytait said...

the bath expression is priceless.