Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Orchid, Belle Isle. I didn't post this to the themes blog because of the bud in the foreground that is out of focus. Too bad. Otherwise, I like it.


moo said...

Sorry to be so long commenting Mary. I am still alive. It is a most wonderful orchid. The detail in the colour bit in the centre of the orchid is fantastic. I think it would be well worth cloning out that bud in the front. You could easily finish off the side of the l/h orchid though I'm not sure exactly what you would then do with the space. Possibly some of the slight red colour that is to the left of that orchid.
Other than that you could simply get rid of all the group on the left and keep it simple with the one big orchid. If I had the pic I would certainly want to try that and I would print it out for a competition.
I finally got a result with my Scilly Lilies. I will post them to show you.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much, Kate!

I've been really busy! I'm taking another painting class (I painted that self portrait I have on my icon as an assignment). And I am working on my novel.

Would you be interested in having it to read to the grandkids--do you have any ages 8-12 or so? Can't remember if you've seen it.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I will consider working on it more. Actually, I did almost nothing to it, so far. The orchid, I mean.

moo said...

Your portrait mini pic makes a nice change but you look much older than in real life. When I say real life I mean photos.
Yes I do sort of remember your book I remember you wanting some English flower garden pics? Yes I'd love to read it to the grandchildren. Mind you most of them prefer to read to me than have me read to them. I must have an awful voice I think. My own kids loved me reading to them.